Oil & Fluid Changes

Fluids such as engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid are essential to making sure your engine and other various systems are working correctly.

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It may be one of the last things you think about when it comes to your vehicle but oils and fluids are some of the hardest working components. For your Hyundai, they are also essential for the engine and other various systems.

Benefits of Oil and Fluid Changes

Fluids and oils help with cooling, braking, lubrication, and even regulating your driving power. In order to prolong the life and drivability of your vehicle, it is important to use the right oils and fluids that are designed for your engine and other systems. This is important because it reduces friction within these systems while also increase your gas mileage and preventing overheating.

Coolant is designed to help regulate the internal temperature of your engine. Transmission fluid helps maintain the smooth operation of your automatic transmission. When fluids are replaced based on the recommended intervals from Hyundai, you will even notice that things such as your braking systems perform better and last longer. You should ensure that fluid changes happen on a regular basis to ensure efficiency. You can stop by our service center to get this done and stay on the right schedule.

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